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Large sculptures by Rod Vass and Louis Vass, Prints by Rod Vass. 


The Sculptures 

Mysterious forms protrude from the earth. Colossal heads, parts of bodies, an Indian goddess, a classical stallion and architectural features, stand guard over the spacious galleries and beautiful landscape of rural Herefordshire. Their surfaces are aged and streaked with the patina of history. 


Many of the sculptures were originally created for Film and TV by Rod’s team at Armordillo Ltd. Some were sculpted traditionally and others utilised Louis’ skills as a digital sculptor, using new technology. The pieces have been reworked and repurposed are suitable for permanent indoor and outdoor display. 


The Prints 

Ancient gods and spirits of nature, in varied forms, look down impassively from the gallery walls.  Some partly hidden by mysterious veils of dripping golds and colours that shield the viewer from their inscrutable gaze. 


Using traditional techniques of painting combined with new technology, Rod’s 2D images are printed in intricate detail with UV cured inks. They can be printed on substrates suitable for outdoor display.  A range of affordable art prints and books are also available. 

On exhibition at:  

The Canwood Gallery, 

Checkley (near Woolhope) 

Herefordshire, HR14NF 

14th April  – 1st May 2022 

Open Thursday - Sunday  

11.00 am – 4.00 pm 

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